Tackling Torture at the Top


Photo: Guantanamo Bay Prison

Photo: Guantanamo Bay Prison

Tackling Torture at the Top (T3) is a Committee of the Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), a group of women and men who work to expose complicity in torture by our country’s decision-makers, and to hold people to account for that complicity so that it does not continue. Furthermore, T3 works to expose the social and political structure that allowed and continues to allow these atrocities to occur. Lastly, T3 strives to induce justice and human rights where there is not. The committee was founded in 2004.

Working to expose complicity in torture by our country's decision-makers, as well as the social & political structure that allowed & continues to allow these atrocities to occur; to hold those officials accountable so that such wrong doesn't continue.

"Silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below."


Meetings: 10 a.m. Second Wednesday of every Month
Location: 4200 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407


For Armistice Day, the Minneapolis torture committee headed by FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley hosted a discussion at First Unitarian Church to discuss the state of the US corporate Empire. Panelists include former Bush aid and chief of staff Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Reverend Chris Antal (former army chaplain in Afghanistan), and MintPress editor Mnar A.