Kristin Dooley


Kristin is a long-time anti-war, women rights, and labor solidarity activist. She participated in the Central American solidarity movement and has been an active opponent of U.S. wars and interventions since. She has been active in labor solidarity efforts, making connections between the wars abroad and the attacks on working people at home. Kristin reads books like most people drink water. She is a very experienced type designer and has worked professionally in typography and design.


Sophia Myers-Kelley

Office Manager

Sophia graduated from Hamline University with a sociology major and nonprofit management minor, and is pursuing an MLIS degree at St. Kates. She is passionate about equity and humanitarian efforts. In her spare time, she also does activist writing and outreach concerning the chronic illnesses vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction. She enjoys trying new restaurants and foods, cultivating fashion, and reading books.


Mary Beaudoin

Newsletter Editor

Mary first became actively involved with WAMM during the Sanctions Period on Iraq when she joined the Twin Cities Peace Campaign-Focus Iraq. Subsequently, she joined the WAMM staff and served as its director through 2009. Prior to this, she had a decades-long career in communications, editing and writing, and worked as a volunteer in a variety of peace and justice movements.Today, she is active in WAMM and a member of the End War Committee, Middle East Committee and Newsletter Committee.