Peace Vigils

Photo by Jeff Wheeler of the Star Tribune

Photo by Jeff Wheeler of the Star Tribune

Lake Street—Marshall Avenue Bridge

In 1999, WAMM’s End War Committee partnered with other local activist groups to initiate a weekly vigil on the Lake Street and Marshal Avenue bridge in St.Paul. Originally in response to the U.S. and NATO bombings in Yugoslavia, the vigil has continued weekly with different U.S. sanctions, interventions, and wars to protest. Every Wednesday for over 20 years—rain, shine or below zero temps—activists in the Twin Cities have gathered to stand in solidarity with all those affected by U.S. militarism and to call for peace.

Summit & Snelling Avenues

WAMM’s Middle East Committee holds a weekly vigil each Friday for Palestine in St.Paul at the corner of Summit and Snelling. This vigil is held to bring awareness to the continued occupation of Palestine and violent denial of basic human rights to Palestinians living in occupied territory and throughout the world. Activists gather to peacefully voice protest to the U.S. military and economic support of Israel’s illegal occupation of stolen land.



I.C.E. Vigil

WAMM gathers at the I.C.E. driveway entrance where we stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants who are facing persecution and detention throughout the United States each Tuesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m except for the Second Tuesday. Inside is where immigrants’ lives are determined in court. Come to the Fort Snelling light rail station and you’ll be able to see where we are.

On the Second Tuesdays of the month, the vigil is at a nearby location in front of the Bishop Whipple Building. This event is sponsored by the organization ICOM (Interfaith Coalition on Immigration). These two groups are NOT connected except some of the people attend both vigils. 

All vigils are open to any and all — join us in the call for peace and justice in our community and throughout the world.