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End the Wars Hands off Venezuela
1:30 PM13:30

End the Wars Hands off Venezuela

  • Lake Street & Minnehaha Avenues Minneapolis (map)
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End the Wars - Troops Home Now!
U.S. Hands Off Venezuela
Say NO to NATO, U.S. Wars, Nuclear Weapons & Racism

Anti-War Protest
Saturday, March 30, 2019
1:30 pm, Lake Street & Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis
Be part of a visible anti-war presence with signs and banners!

As NATO will be starting its 2019 summit in Washington, DC, a coalition of organizations will hold a mobilization to oppose NATO, war and racism. U.S. wars, with support from NATO allies, continue around the world. A new nuclear arms race is threatening, and U.S. military intervention is threatened in Venezuela, with Colombia, a NATO “partner,” playing a role in the U.S. moves against Venezuela.

Join the March 30 protest to send an anti-war message!

Initiated by Minnesota Peace Action Coalition

Sponsoring organizations: Anti-War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, International Marxist Tendency, Mayday Books, Minnesota War Tax Resistance, Rise Up Times, Socialist Action, Twin Cities Hands Off Venezuela, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace (chapter 27), Welfare Rights Committee, Women Against Military Madness.

For more information 612-275-2720 or 612-827-5364

U.S. wars create refugees:
Say no to the wars;
Yes to immigrants

Stop U.S. wars and interventions: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq,
Korea, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Philippines and everywhere!

End U.S. aid to the occupation of Palestine
Say no to racism and Islamophobia;
No to the Muslim Ban

Funds for housing, education and
health care, not for war

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Yes to Peace; No to NATO
12:30 AM00:30

Yes to Peace; No to NATO

Break the Silence: Yes to PEACE, No to NATO, A Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. and his Legacy on the anniversaries of the Beyond Vietnam speech, King’s assassination one year later and the date of the founding of NATO. Featured speaker August Nimtz, Professor of African American & African Studies, University of Minnesota. Gather on the capitol steps in St. Paul on Thursday, April 4, 2019, 12:15 pm. (75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard., St Paul, MN). Sponsored by Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, cosponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 and Women Against Military Madness.

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Break the Silence .  Yes to Peace   No to NATO
12:15 PM12:15

Break the Silence . Yes to Peace No to NATO

Break the Silence Yes to Peace . No to NATO

Thursday, April 4th
MN State Capitol
(75 MLK Boulevard, St. Paul, MN)
Join us to commemorate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr

At 12:15 PM Join us on the Capitol steps: Veterans For Peace will ring bells in remembrance of Dr. King
At 1:00 PM in Rotunda Program: Featured speakers include:

August Nimtz, University of MN Professor of Political Science and African American Studies
Major Todd E. Pierce
Retired Judge Advocate (JAG) officer. His last position in the military was as Defense Counsel before the Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He completed his M.A. in Politics at the New School in 2018 with a focus on the political though of Hannah Arendt, and U.S. Imperial History.

On April 4, 1967, Dr, King delivered his 'Beyond Vietnam' anti-war speech. He was tragically assassinated one year later. On April 4, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, marking the inception of the NATO military alliance. In light of Dr. King's denunciation of militarism, an examination of the relevance of NATO is overdue.

Dr. King's words linking the three evils of American society: Militarism, Racism and Poverty and his deeply profound remark that every bomb that falls on other countries is a bomb dropped on our inner cities, reveal the deep-rooted relationship between militarism and the social, racial, economic and environmental injustices that now impoverish cities and rural communities and have plagued our society and the world for a long time.

Sponsored by the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition.
Cosponsored by Women Against Military Madness and Veterans for Peace Chapter 27.

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Beating Guns Tour
6:00 PM18:00

Beating Guns Tour

Join Shane Claiborne and Mike Martin on the Beating Guns Tour. Featuring music, speaking and the live transformation of a gun into a garden tool on Friday, April 5 from 6-8 pm at Mt Olive Lutheran Church, 3045 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis.

Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin are taking the “Beating Guins” book and their forge on the road with the Beating Guns Tour, a 90-minute event that will feature music, art, and stories of people impacted by gun violence, culminating with an invitation for the audience to take the hammer and transform a gun into garden tools.

Claiborne and Martin are authors of Beating Guns: Hope for People Who are Weary of Violence.

Co-sponsored by WAMM End War Committee

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Silencing Voices that Criticize Israeli Actions
9:30 AM09:30

Silencing Voices that Criticize Israeli Actions

Middle East Peace Now will host Dr. Alice Rothchild on Saturday, April 27 at St. Stephen Lutheran Church at 9:30 am on 8400 France Ave. S. in Bloomington.

9:30 AM Refreshments
10:00 AM Presentation and Discussion.

Dr. Rothchild has written three books that address the Israeli/Palestinian issue and in 2013 she released a documentary film, “Voices Across the Divide.” She was one of the featured interviewees in the film “Jews Step Forward,” which was featured at the Middle East Peace Now forum in March. For more information: or @AliceRothchild

Sponsored by Middle East Peace Now. For information, call 612-250-0788.

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Mayday Parade
3:00 PM15:00

Mayday Parade

March with the Anti-War Committee in the May Day Parade
Sunday, May 5th line up at 11 am @ Cedar Field Park, Minneapolis
Join the Anti-War Committee at the May Day festival! The parade begins at noon at the corner of 25th St E and Bloomington Ave S. We will line up at 11 am at Cedar Field Park. March with us at this family-friendly fun event where we can reach out to thousands of community members to say Hands Off Venezuela! FFI:

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