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FRSO Celebrates International Workers Day!

  • 4200 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407-3435, United States (map)

Friday, May 3rd @ 6:00pm @ 4200 Cedar Ave S, Mpls, MN
**Dinner, Drinks & Childcare Provided**
Join FRSO in celebrating the most important working class holiday, International Workers Day!
On May 1st, workers worldwide unite in rallying together and celebrating our shared history of struggle and our common interests as working people to fight against capitalist exploitation.

In the last year, we have faced attacks from every front, but we are standing up and fighting back!
-Thousands of teachers have been striking against attacks on public education.
-Workers at UPS led a massive effort to fight back against a sellout contract.
-We continue to push back against Trump's racist wall along our southern border.
-The Trump Administration is attempting to orchestrate a military coup in Venezuela, but the people of Venezuela are standing strong against U.S. intervention...and the list of struggles goes on and on.

On May Day, we join with workers from around the world and celebrate the shared struggles of our class - from the fight to jail killer cops and oppose racist policing, to opposing imperialist aggression overseas and standing against Trump's racist attacks. Join us!

Sponsored by:
Freedom Road Socialist Organization