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Governor Walz: Return Prisoners in on Non-Crimes Home 4 Holidays

Monday the state of Oklahoma made history when it released hundreds of prisoners in the largest mass commutation in United States History. Governor Walz we ask you to do the same for the 2,400 prisoners in Minnesota in prison for NON-CRIMES (technical violations)!

Recently, the Governor wrote an article in Time Magazine saying it's "alarming" the "number of people who are being sent back to prison as a result of technical violations, which are typically minor infractions, such as failed drug tests or missed curfews...Costing states $2.8 billion annually." Such violations impact 4,000 families and cost Minnesotans an estimated $85,000,000 each year.

We are currently in negotiations with the MN Department of Corrections (who work for the Governor) to stop sending people to prison on non-crimes, release those in on them by the holidays, and reinvest savings in rehabilitation and reentry support. In particularly, we ask the Hearings & Release Unit to be accountable for decades of bad behavior and make changes to horrible practices like regular denial of witnesses, allowing speculation and false evidence from Parole Officers, and an appeal process that never succeeds.

The DOC is started to pledge changes to these problems, join us at the Governor's Mansion in Saint Paul on November 24th from 2-4pm as we demand Governor Walz apply them retroactively to #DecarcerateMN and #FreeOurPeople. We want our loved ones HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

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