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Unofficial* Senate HHS Committee hearing on MN Health Plan

  • University of MN Duluth Marshall Performing Arts Center (MPAC) Auditorium 1215 Ordean Court Duluth, MN 55812-3008 (map)

Can't get an official Senate hearing? Then we'll have an UNOFFICIAL Senate hearing!

Our costly healthcare system denies care & bankrupts people & businesses. It's time for an efficient healthcare system, like the proposed Minnesota Health Plan.

As ranking minority member of the Senate HHS committee, Senator Marty has not received a hearing on the Minnesota Health Plan, and does not have the power to schedule an official hearing.

So, due to the importance of the issue, he scheduled an --UNOFFICIAL-- Senate hearing. This will give supporters and opponents the opportunity to testify on the proposal. All members of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee are being invited, along with local legislators. Public testimony will be accepted at the hearing.

Join us! Share the event with others. Invite friends.

5:30 pm - 7 pm
Wednesday, November 13
University of MN Duluth
Marshall Performing Arts Center (MPAC) Auditorium
1215 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812-3008
(Please note updated event location, previous info listed the UMD Chemistry building but the location has changed to the MPAC Auditorium)


Presentation of Senate File 1125, creating the Minnesota Health Plan

Public testimony on the proposed Minnesota Health Plan and on current challenges accessing healthcare

People wishing to testify should contact Elspeth Cavert at 651/296-5645 or

Note from Senator Marty:
Our HHS budget continues to grow far faster than inflation because of demographics and need, as well as medical hyper-inflation. Under our current path, to meet those growing needs we will either need to: 1) make ever deeper cuts in care (for an illustration, see the Republican 2019 Senate HHS budget bill – eliminating dental and vision for Medical Assistance, putting a cap on waivered services, etc.) These cuts will need to become increasingly severe and harmful to vulnerable Minnesotans in future years, or 2) commit an ever-increasing amount, and portion, of our budget to human services.

We need to explore a different path – recognizing that efficiency and an ounce of prevention are worth a pound of cure. We can provide healthcare in a simple, efficient manner to all Minnesotans, through the Minnesota Health Plan. It gives us an opportunity to get in front of our healthcare needs, ultimately reducing costs for healthcare, human services, out-of-home placement for children, and even corrections costs.