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Contact Elected Officials to Demand Justice!

  • RIchfield, Minnesota (map)


It has been 4 weeks and we know nothing about what happened. It's time to start pushing!!

Ways to push include:
1. Show up to City Council meetings - we will be at the Richfield City Council meeting this week on Tuesday at 7 and Edina next week. The two cities have council meetings on Tuesday's at 7 on alternating weeks.

2. Call/email elected officials and make demands. Examples of demands include:
* Putting the 4 officers who are back on the street back on leave
* Release the dash cam videos NOW - they have said they can't, but this is FALSE. We have seen camera footage released for other incidents. The CITIES are the owners of this data and they can release it at any time.
* Fire the officers who were involved.

3. City of Edina specific demands - implement the recommendations of the Race & Equity Task Force regarding policing.

4. City of Richfield specific demands - release data on police stops that community has been requesting for years. Respond to why Officer Joseph Carroll remains on leave.

5. Hennepin County specific demands - demand Ashley's car that Brian was driving be released

Contact information for elected officials:
City of Edina
Ron Anderson - 952-833-9549 -
Mary Brindle - 952-941-7746 -
Mike Fischer - 952-833-9569 -
Jim Hovland (Mayor) - 952-874-8550 -
Kevin Staunton - 952-836-1020 -
David Nelson (Police Chief) - 952-826-1610 -

City of Richfield
Maria Regan Gonzalez (Mayor) - 612-500-3862 -
Mary Supple - 612-866-8829 -
Simon Trautmann - 612-205-6922 -
Edwina Garcia - 612-861-6140 -
Ben Whalen - 612-316-1563 -

Hennepin County
Sheriff Dave Hutchinson -
Debbie Goettel (Commissioner and former Mayor of Richfield)- 612-348-7885 -

Later Event: October 16
Call for Contract Reform