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Pax Salon Report from Dublin

  • Mississippi Market 1500 7th St West St. Paul, MN (map)

WAMM members Carol Walker, Sarah Martin, and Sue Ann Martinson, attended the International Conference Against U.S./NATO Bases held in Dublin. They will report on themes, the panels from each continent, and final conclusions and further steps around the militarization of the planet as we strive to continue to bring global peace forces together, mobilizing the millions in our countries and around the world for peace.

An open discussion group for people who want to meet regularly to engage in conversation.

One week we may discuss poetry, politics, watch a video or discuss various topics.
(Some deep and some not so deep!)

The Pax Salon is a place where people can freely commingle and exchange ideas, talents, energy, imaginations and more!

Phone: 651-227-3228 
email :: pattypax [at]