Lucia and Sarah at the 2016 WAMM Annual Meeting

Mission Statement

Women Against Military Madness is a nonviolent, feminist organization that works in solidarity with others to create a system of social equality, self-determination and justice through education, action and the empowerment of women. WAMM's purpose is to dismantle systems of militarism, economic exploitation and global oppression. 

Core Values

WAMM acts for social justice in U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

WAMM condemns a U.S. foreign policy that uses military action to respond to world conflicts and to seize and maintain power over other people and the sovereignty of other nations, including economic exploitation, covert operations, the threat of weapons of mass destruction, transfers of arms including military aid, and the manipulation of foreign governments and factions.

War and militarism promote corporate interests, both in the U.S. and abroad, that make the rich richer at the expense of the middle class, the working class and those in poverty; do not solve underlying problems; engender further conflicts; and divert resources from domestic needs.

We support cooperating with the world community to resolve conflicts, including forging and honoring treaties, to create a just U.S. foreign and domestic policy that respects the inviolate rights and resources of all countries, peoples, and social groups.

We support the development and implementation of nonviolent and environmentally sound solutions to the challenges of living in a global community and on a healthy planet including reparations and reconciliation for past injustices, fair trade and just economic policies.

WAMM opposes the design, manufacture, and distribution of military weapons by the U.S. government and corporations.

Weapons kill and injure people, pollute and destroy the environment, fuel hatred, devastate families and communities, divert funds better spent on domestic needs and create a false sense of security.

WAMM envisions an equitable world with respect for the rights and dignity of all. Diplomacy, international treaties, nonviolent peacekeeping and international observers are among the means for resolving conflict without weapons.

WAMM works to demilitarize U.S. society and create a climate of peace.

A militaristic society relies on violence and repression to accomplish its objectives. Under the pretext of “national service,” the military teaches violence and killing. WAMM encourages service to society in an enterprise that enhances life, advances the common good, encourages cooperation and promotes equity. We believe Junior Reserve Officers corps (JROTC). ROTC and military recruitment do not belong in schools.

WAMM calls attention to language that may cultivate peace or propagandize for war. We denounce the use of rhetoric promoting a military agenda, and we encourage people to use and challenge the media to expose hypocrisy and to deescalate conflict.

WAMM endorses education that promotes peaceful means to resolve differences.

WAMM supports activists as they seek to create social change.

We espouse a feminist model that encourages self determination, cooperation and consensus rather than a model of decision making based on domination.

WAMM believes that timely communication of issues, events and legislative proposals enables peace makers to act quickly and effectively. We sponsor programs and activities to inform the community and to strengthen networking systems which foster solidarity.