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Special Bridge Vigil

  • 2338 Marshall Ave St Paul, MN, 55104 United States (map)

We believe that time may be short to speak out against the growing danger of a new U.S. war. The voice of the people must intervene before the war makers in Washington unleash a new war in Korea

President Trump has already demonstrated through the Tomahawk missile attack on Syria and the use of the massive MOAB bomb in Afghanistan, along with other escalations of military intervention in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere, that he is more than willing to use force.

The recent rhetoric towards North Korea has been very inflammatory, calling it a problem that “has to be dealt with.”

For North Korea, the years of massive U.S. military maneuvers can only be seen as a threat. North Korea (DPRK), through it's rocket and military development programs,  has been acting in response to US military exercises on its border that simulate nuclear attacks and assassination campaigns.

North Korea has said it is willing to stop testing missiles if the US stops its military exercises. The U.S. must negotiate, not escalate!

A war in Korea could easily escalate into a global conflict with devastating consequences.

Everyone who wants peace should be concerned. We hope you will recognize this as a high priority.

Sponsored by the WAMM End War Committee and the Twin Cities Peace Campaign