Act Now!

Since our beginning in the winter of 1982, WAMM has made the commitment: "Never an event without an action." If you'd like to take immediate action, look through the activities below and sign on, sign up or step up to make a difference in the world today. 


Give Survivors of Domestic Violence Safe Passage

On June 12,  the White House announced more restrictions on legal immigration to the US. Victims of domestic violence and people fleeing gang violence no longer have grounds for asylum. Shame on this administration for its cruel and racist anti-immigrant agenda!


Stand With Muslims

This is an ON-CALL protest as we await the decision expected in mid-to-late June. Invite your friends and stay tuned to this page for more details!

Emergency Demonstration at the Federal Building at 6 pm on the day a decision is announced on the Supreme Court ruling on Trump's Muslim Ban.


Support Peace in Korea

Call your congressperson and senator to insist they remain committed to continued diplomacy to end the U.S.-Korea conflict. To support the first U.S.steps  toward a peaceful resolution of the 68 year Korea war including ending the provocative and illegal war games