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Filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild, who will be joining us at the showing for commentary and questions, is a member of and former tribal chairman of the Lower Sioux Indian Tribe in Minnesota. He appeared in “Dances With Wolves”and many other Hollywood films as well as TV productions. He also produced and directed the film “Doctrine of Discovery.”

Until recently, historians have failed to uncover the truth behind the war of 1862 in Minnesota. Filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild tells a Dakota oral history of the 1862 war, the hangings of the Dakota 38 Plus 2, including the story of his grandfather, Medicine Bottle, and the removal of the Dakota from Minnesota.

During the 1850’s and throughout history, treaties were forced upon the Dakota people. Noted Minnesotans such as Henry H. Sibley and Alexander Ramsey helped manipulate the Dakota people to cheat them out of their promised benefits, and ultimately their land. After the Dakota were removed to their reservation, corrupt agents and Indian department superintendents cheated the Dakota out of most of their benefits.

In 1862 Agent Thomas J. Galbraith refused to release annuity provisions (food) in government warehouses on the reservation. The Dakota were beginning to starve to death, which led to the uprising of 1862, now documented as to its real causes.

Sheldon interviewed historians and authors Dr. David Nichols and Mark Diedrich in the production of this film. Historian, Mark Diedrich provides commentary.

38 Plus 2 Productions 2019. Produced and Directed by Sheldon Wolfchild; Coproducer Bill Weiss. 86 minutes.

(2019, 86 mn, USA)

Connecting the dots. . . A chance to discuss the film follows the showing.

Always FREE and open to the public. 

ALL ARE WELCOME! Free popcorn!

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The Second Monday Movie committee meets virtually via e-mail. 

JOIN US as we bring cutting edge and informative movies to WAMM Second Monday Movies. 

Here are some things Movie Committee volunteers do.

  • Some fun things

    • Help choose the movies WAMM for Second Monday Movie Nights.

    • Get to see movies not usually seen in movie theaters or on television.

    • Meet like-minded interesting people with new perspectives during discussions on movie night.

    • Help introduce movies and lead a discussion.

  • Some PR things

    • Help with PR by leafleting at events you attend and talking to people about the movie of the month to your friends and others who may be interested.

    • Share on your social media and email

  • Some technical things

    • Help set up the projector and sound system on movie nights.

    • Help make popcorn (with our machine it becomes technical!)

  • Some practical things

    • Help set up and clean up the room on movie night.

    • Monitor and control the lights on movie night.

Not able to make a long term commitment? We are always looking for one-night only help as well!

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