Second Monday Movie Committee

September Movie - All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

Monday, September 10 @ 7pm
4200 Cedar Ave. S. Minneapolis

Independent journalists Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Moore and others expose government lies and corporate deception, inspired by the legendary investigative journalist I.F. Stone.

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone is a theatrical documentary created by a team of Emmy Award-winning filmmakers who subscribed to I. F. Stone’s newsletter in their teens.

This film will change the way you look at the mainstream media. Giant media conglomerates are increasingly reluctant to investigate or criticize government policies – particularly on defense, security and intelligence issues. They are ceding responsibility for holding governments and corporations accountable to the independent journalists and filmmakers who risk their careers, their freedom and their lives in war zones — to expose the truth.

Click here to learn more about the film.

(2016, director: Fred Peabody; 1 hr 31 mn, Documentary)

Connecting the dots.. Forum, film, discussion.

Always FREE and open to the public. 

ALL ARE WELCOME! Free popcorn!

Sponsored by the WAMM Movie Committee

October Movie - Beyond Standing Rock: Energy, Environment and Tribal Control Monday, October 8 @ 7pm

4200 Cedar Ave. S. Minneapolis


In accord with the observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day, the WAMM Movie Committee is showing Beyond Standing Rock: Energy, Environment, and Tribal Control

BEYOND STANDING ROCK shines a spotlight on tribal sovereignty issues and the tribe’s 170-year long conflict with the U.S. government over independence and control over land and resources.   

The film brings Native American struggles for tribal sovereignty and self-determination to the forefront, taking a close look at the Dakota Access pipeline protests and legal struggles, putting viewers right in the middle of a heated land war over the new Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah, and portraying other US/tribal clashes across the country, including Colorado's Ute tribe effort to keep control of their oil and gas resources. 

(2017, director: Brian Malone; 57 mn, Documentary)

Watch trailer here.

Connecting the dots. . . A chance to discuss the film follows the showing.

Always FREE and open to the public. 

ALL ARE WELCOME! Free popcorn!

Sponsored by the WAMM Movie Committee


The Second Monday Movie committee meets virtually via e-mail. 


JOIN US as we bring cutting edge and informative movies to WAMM Second Monday Movies. 

Here are some things Movie Committee volunteers do.

  • Some fun things
    • Help choose the movies WAMM for Second Monday Movie Nights.
    • Get to see movies not usually seen in movie theaters or on television.
    • Meet like-minded interesting people with new perspectives during discussions on movie night.
    • Help introduce movies and lead a discussion.
  • Some PR things
    • Help with PR by leafleting at events you attend and talking to people about the movie of the month to your friends and others who may be interested.
    • Share on your social media and email
  • Some technical things
    • Help set up the projector and sound system on movie nights.
    • Help make popcorn (with our machine it becomes technical!)
  • Some practical things
    • Help set up and clean up the room on movie night.
    • Monitor and control the lights on movie night.

Not able to make a long term commitment? We are always looking for one-night only help as well!

Contact the WAMM office for more information - 612-827-5364